A modern refurbishment with a basement extension

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Akehurst Street
Putney Heath, Conservation Area

This semi-detached house located in the heart of Putney Heath, consists of a four-story property, including a basement with access to the rear garden through an ample light well.

The client needed a large yoga studio to train her clients so requested a rear extension to enclose the existing lightwell in the basement.

The new structure allowed the creation of a generous terrace at the ground floor level to enhance the connection of the new kitchen with the garden.

Dark grey render finish and sleek glazing frames contributed to creating a contemporary design, in line with the further points confirmed in the briefing.

The creation of a built-in flowerbed on the new terrace was an imaginative addition to bringing natural elements into the living space and creating a balance with the sleek design and colour palette used to finish the extension.

Design process:
From the existing lightwell to the final design.