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“I believe in the interaction between different fields. Architecture, design, art, cinema, music, dance… They all participate in the creation of a unique space, leading to a stimulating sensory experience for users.”

About Daniela

Daniela is a RIBA UK registered architect originally from Turin – Italy, where she pursued a Master’s degree in architecture at the Polytechnic of Turin.

From a young age, two events inspired her professional life – the design of a summer family house by her father and her first ballet class. As a result, she became fascinated with architectural drawings, site visits, and stage performances.

Later in life, she combined practicing as an architect in her native city for more than a decade – including her involvement in the Olympic Village project for the Turin Winter Olympic Games in 2006 – with working in theatre and TV as a professional dancer.

At the same time, she also taught interior design at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design – in Turin for eight years, lecturing students on how to correctly interpret the needs of the client and turn them into a unique design.

In 2014, Daniela moved to London with the desire to build an international portfolio of clients.

She initially worked at a few selected architectural practices to master the UK construction standards before starting out as an independent professional architect and interior designer in 2020.

Despite being involved in many different areas of the construction industry during her professional life, her deep love for residential and interior design became the heart of her business.



Daniela receives her inspiration from daily life experiences including all forms of art which represent a clear expression of thoughts and emotions.

Her past involvement as a professional dancer has influenced her vision of space and has impacted her approach to revealing its emotional identity.

“From an early age, I have been educated in paying attention to the composition of the scene and the overall harmony of the lines.”

Later on in life, this conditioning assisted and contributed to the mental processing of the design of all her architectural projects.

A multi-layered, evocative experience is at the centre of Daniela’s design approach, besides the experience and determination required to overcome the technical challenges of each project.

The project of St. Bernardino’s Covent was inspired by the movie “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”, directed by Franco Zeffirelli in 1972, and about the life of St. Francis of Assisi.


As the world is collectively facing the challenge of addressing climate change, the architecture must focus on delivering a climate-responsive design.

Daniela is committed to playing her part in addressing this global crisis – not just by meeting all regulatory compliance standards, but endeavouring to embed sustainable solutions into all aspects of her work.

Site analysis, sun direction, window considerations, new materials and technologies, designing for natural ventilation, and optimizing the building footprint are Daniela’s standard considerations while approaching the design.


While this level of commitment would suffice to contribute to reducing carbon emissions, increasing energy performance, and addressing overheating concerns, further steps could be taken to achieve energy efficiency at a higher standard.

If allowed in the project brief, Daniela will work closely with an energy consultant to shape the best solution for your property.